Gili Kedis

Foto untuk : Gili Kedis

God's grace is abundant with beautiful natural treats enchanting island of Lombok, especially in West Lombok were admittedly no sanding unmatched by other regions. So rich in a variety of stunning natural potential is actually a silent witness to God's gift worthy grateful.
If the first Bali island famous beaches with natural potential for early promotion, but do not be complacent, if someday Lombok Island will be able to rival Bali.
This is evident from the increasing number of tourists visiting the country around the paradise of a row of the Lesser Sunda's Nusa Tenggara region.
Stretch of white sand beach pepper tub barely missed the infinite we find in nature the beach or in Gili Gili (small islands, red) in Lombok. Which is worldwide the gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili water is a wealth of tourism is very exposed on the island of Lombok.
Three tourism icon is branding which appear to attract a million tourists to come to Lombok. But do not stop until there alone, in addition to the three Gili proved Lombok also menhyimpan another dyke whose beauty is not inferior to the three existing dyke. That Gili Kedis.
Gili Kedis itself located to the west of the village Middle Sekotong Sekotong village Stone Kijuk districts, approximately 1000 m. Regional overlooked by his government to save the beauty of this area is very exotic, with white sand beaches covered better than Senggigi beach. The interesting thing about this one is the dyke sea waves are nothing more exactly looks like a lake. Besides the dyke is still clean and naturally no trash in sight until the recognition by one of the residents there this location (dyke kedis) once used as a location for foreign film shoting ..
Beauty kedis dyke is unfortunately not known by people, even sngat not neglected. People really need facilities such as jetty to serve as reliance boat that is used as a means of transportation for guests who want to visit one of this dyke.

If the photograph is taken from the air, Gili Kedis form is indeed unique. Such as a heart shape or a symbol of love (love). Therefore, for anyone who is new to the Gili Kedis first will be immediately amazed and endlessly amazed by the beauty of the tiny island's white sand and gentle.
Gili Kedis is dazzling to look at. With her tiny size, the island became a beautiful looking. It did not take long to explore the entire island with the smaller size of this soccer field. About ten or eleven minutes, the whole coast will run us be traced.
Viewed intensified the flow of tourists, where tourists want to enjoy new things and specific, on weekends or during the holiday season arrives, Gili Kedis increasingly crowded not only domestic tourists, but tourists mancanegarapun did not waste the chance holiday to menimati expanse of beauty Gili Kedis.
Being on the beach is the summer heat, but the thick foliage in the breeze breezy on the beach, making the visitor in this Kedis Gili longer feels comfortable to be enjoyed. Except that the regional government of West Lombok also build a gazebo and a small berugak tourists as a place to unwind. Advantages of this beach is a clear water. In addition to clarity surrounding this dyke, Gili Kedis has a beautiful underwater world.
The beauty of the coral reefs are still fairly well preserved as a habitat of various species of fish. On the one hand there is soft white sand with the waves are relatively calm, while on the other side teradapat rocks eroded by the waves. Enthusiasts like snorkeling, underwater dyke Kedis worthy of exploration is scheduled in the list.